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Engin Senel, Department of Dermatology, Hitit University, Faculty of Medicine, Corum, Turkey
Ece Yazla, Department of Psychiatry, Hitit University, Faculty of Medicine, Corum, Turkey



Aim: The aim of this study was to provide insight into the evolution of research on psychodermatology using bibliometric network analysis.

Materials and Methods: We analyzed all documents in psychodermatology literature indexed between 1981 and 2020 by using a search string including the following keywords: “psychodermatology”, “psychiatry and dermatology”, “dermatopsychiatry” or “dermatopsychology” in the Web of Science (WoS) Core Collection database.

Results: Our literature search on WoS databases revealed a total of 498 documents, 99 of which were open access. When evaluated in terms of sheer volume, most of the studies in this field were authored by researchers based in the United States of America, with 118 documents (23.7%). The most productive source title in this field was the British Journal of Dermatology. Among authors, Bewley A. from Bart’s Health NHS Trust (United Kingdom) was the most prolific author with 68 articles. The most cited article of psychodermatology literature was a review titled “Psychodermatology: An update” by Gupta and Gupta.

Conclusıons: It is possible to say that the interest in the field of psychodermatology appears to be low, especially since a single researcher has authored over 10% of the WoS articles in this field.

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